Aquaponics in a 9' by 12' courtyard


Is it possible to do Aquaponics in a 9' by 12' courtyard? This clip is from a DVD we produced around 10 years ago and shows how productive aquaponics can be.

The system then was 12 months old and the owners had to erect a trellis to collect all the tomatoes. A jungle of edible plants were grown in very tight formation below and the fish tank which held around 50 Jade Perch that were harvested out on a weekly basis.

This same system is still going strong 10 years later with new fish added every year and the system is still in use by the same family. Only the $60 pump and the timber fish-tank hatch were replaced. The red hydroton clay media balls are still going strong after being rinsed and cleaned a few times.

Aquaponics once established has a nutrient bank that only gets better with age! Just like us all!

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