Weekly Live Webinar

Don't you wish you could get an answer from an aquaponics expert on something you need help with? Well you can!
Every Friday at 11am, Queensland Australia time, Murray Hallam records a live webinar with his Aquaponics Design Course students from around the world.
Students tune-in using the free Zoom teleconferencing software to discuss the week's previous lessons. This is an excellent way for students to ask questions about aquaponics using the chat software and Murray keeps the audience engaged using personal anecdotes and stories to explain the lessons and aquaponics concepts in a practical and often humorous way.
Some students from Africa say they never miss the webinar, even when it means getting out of bed at 2.30 am in the morning!
If you miss the webinar, it is recorded and a video of around an hour's duration is uploaded to the course webinar site for students to view at their leisure.
We currently run 3-Courses every year. Keep an eye out for our 3-Month payment plan when it occurs so you can spread your payments out over a longer time period. Remember every video is subtitled in English so you'll never miss a thing.

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